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Piano Lessons in Prosser, WA

“The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children.” – Cheryl Lavender 

Your child will be able to play songs by ear, enjoy piano, and keep playing the rest of their lives!

You want them to enjoy music and their piano lessons, you want them to be able to play ‘Happy Birthday’ for a friend, you want them to feel that they are good at it, and you want them to be able to play and create music that they enjoy.

Piano lessons with Andrea Marks in Prosser will teach your children to make beautiful music and be “beautiful children!”

At Andrea Marks Piano, we believe that piano teachers should be passionate about teaching music to every child.

We are here to help build your child’s confidence and discover the joys of making music in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

Our piano lessons are located in Prosser, WA. We also serve students in Benton City, Grandview, and Sunnyside in the Yakima Valley.

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