Andrea Marks

Piano Teacher in Prosser, WA

“There is music in Every Child. The Teacher’s job is to find it and nurture it.” – Francis Clark

Piano lessons are more than just learning to play the piano. Through piano, your child will learn discipline, patience, respect for hard work, and problem solving. They will gain confidence through performances, will be more creative and will learn to think outside the box for solutions. They will have fun learning. These life skills will benefit your child when they have to make a presentation in class, when they go to a job interview, when they speak to adults, and the list goes on!

Andrea has been playing the piano and teaching for as long as she can remember. Bringing the joy of piano to life for students is a continuing passion.

She truly believes that everyone has musical talent and can learn to play the piano. Guiding students from where they are to discovering new and exciting ideas, sounds and abilities at the piano.

Knowledge and degrees do not guarantee a good piano teacher. A great teacher cares about each individual student, meets them where they are and gives them the information they need when they need it. A great teacher encourages students to strive for excellence, try new ways of doing things, encourages careful listening, and celebrates accomplishments with each student. Current and past students and parents say that Andrea is that teacher.

In addition, Andrea has 30+ years of teaching students of all ages, earned a masters degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, is a permanent Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, and continues to study with teachers at the Golandsky Institute.

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