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Piano Lessons in Prosser, WA

“Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movements.” – Maria Montessori


Andrea Marks Piano accepts students of all ages and abilities from 5 to adult.

Students attend weekly lessons from September through June. Summer lessons in July and August are optional but encouraged.

Lesson lengths and times will vary depending on the age and level of each student. We will discuss what is appropriate for you or your student when we meet.

How much do piano lessons in Prosser cost?

Lesson fees will also vary depending on lesson lengths and times. Payment is due at the beginning of the month. I will provide and bill you for music that you will need. Payment is due with the next month’s tuition payment.

Do I need an instrument for piano lessons?

You will need a piano. An acoustic piano is usually best over the long run. However, if that is not possible in the beginning, a digital piano will work as long as it has the following:

  • An 88 key keyboard with a cabinet (not sitting on a stand)
  • The keys are full sized and weighted
  • It has a working damper pedal
  • It comes with a proper piano bench

What are the practice expectations?

At home music play time (practice) is necessary and expected. It takes practice to become good at any skill and piano is no different. The time spent playing at home should be like the lesson. We all learn best in an environment that is playful and relaxed. There should be lots of movement, chanting and singing, creating with sounds and ideas, and experiencing music making.

Quality music play time is more important than how many minutes your child spends at the piano. Your teacher will guide you in how to structure and work on at home music play time.

What is included in piano lessons?

Your student receives a reserved time, my expertise, a plan of study tailored to their specific needs, an encouraging positive learning experience, studio recitals and performance opportunities, and my undivided attention at each lesson. I do not do make-up lessons unless I have to cancel a lesson.

How much do I have to be involved as a parent?

Parents, your main job is to make sure that your student is getting to the piano daily for ‘Music Play Time’. You should also be their head cheer leader, be encouraging, positive, interested, supportive, and always have time to be a great audience as you child shows you what they can do. You are welcome to sit in on lessons at any time.


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