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‘Tell Me, I Forget…Show Me, I Remember…Involve Me, I Understand.” – Carl Orff

Music is an aural art and we believe it should be taught that way. Here at Andrea Marks Piano, your child will learn to listen to music, experience music, understand music, and enjoy music!

We all learn best through movement and play. In short, we learn by doing!

The language of music is learned by listening to a rich variety of music, through whole body movement, as well as chanting and singing. It is fun to explore, create, and improvise at the piano with the musical ideas we have experienced through movement and play. Then, when the time is right, music reading comes quickly, naturally, and easily.

The physics of how the body moves at the piano is also very important. Physics tells us how the body is designed and how to move it in the most efficient ways so that we can play with freedom and ease right from the start. When you play the piano with freedom and ease, it is easy to create what you audiate (thinking music with understanding). We all want to play with a beautiful tone and total control right from the start. Check out ‘Choreography of the Hands’, a term coined by Dorothy Taubman.

Forcing a child to decode, translate, and untangle what they are looking at on a page is not making music!

‘The characteristics of a good musician are a well-trained ear, a well-trained mind, a well-trained heart and a well-trained hand. All four parts must develop together in constant equilibrium.’ – Zoltan Kodaly

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